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Here basic strategy on flop. Three cards, plus your two pocket cards - the situation is sufficient clear, it is a high time to make serious decisions on which in many respects success of your game will depend. Making a decision, it is necessary to consider following factors:

  1. Force of your hand.
  2. Type of Flop.
  3. Number of opponents.
  4. Possible cards of opponents.
  5. Size of bank.

Following strategy on Flop are possible:

  1. We put with the best hand (top pair with good kicker, above),
  2. We put to protect a hand: if are not assured, that the hand the best and to not give opponents of a free card,
  3. We set as with the purpose of a bluff or to a semi-bluff,
  4. We put for check of cards of players: if has not followed raise it is possible to try to continue to put on turn.
  5. Check or call with the purpose of slowplay,
  6. Check or call with a hand of average quality (the average/younger pair, not completed flush or straight).
  7. Check-raising with strong by the current moment a hand with the purpose to lift bank and to expel opponents, with the purpose of a bluff or at good chances to collect straight/flush.
  8. Raise with the best hand: to lift bank,
  9. Raise for protection of a hand: if are not assured of force of a hand raise will allow to expel opponents for you,
  10. Raise for reception of a free card,
  11. Raise with the purpose of a bluff or to a semi-bluff,
  12. Fold cards (after the rate of the opponent): if the current hand is weak, not enough chances of improvement of a hand and are small probability that the bluff will be possible.

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