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Online Poker rooms review

Here you'll find some poker rooms review. The pokers first online have appeared in a network about five years ago, but last year-two amount of poker rooms (room - the place of game in poker) and players has increased repeatedly. By present time the group of leaders both on attendance, and on a level of service looks as follows:

Party Poker - having started hardly after competitors, owing to active advertising, were quickly beat out in leaders. More than 80 thousand players daily (a record of attendance - more than 100 thousand players). You'll receive additional 25$ on 1st deposit.

Poker Stars - the second-largest poker, up to 75 thousand players daily.

Poker Room Network - the site has chosen to itself a quite good name. Nearby 20 thousand players daily.

Ultimate Bet - the quite good poker which is new enough and already popular. Nearby 13 thousand players daily.

Pacific Poker - belongs to the world's largest casino Casino on Net. In a casino already more than 10 million players, and in Pacifik poker - nearby 8 thousand daily. Many players come from a casino as consequence, they are not so strong in poker.

Apex Poker Network  - this network includes various pokers, both fine, and belonging known casinos of type Golden Palace.com, Victor Chandler, Paddy Power, Doyles Room. Nearby 9 thousand players daily.

Prima Poker Network - the whole network of pokers on a software from Microgaming. Nearby 8 thousand players daily.

Cryptologic Network - a network of pokers from the cryptologic casino software. Pokers also belong online of a casino, and it means, that the average level of players is not great. Nearby 5 thousand players daily.


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