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Online Poker hands rating

Below in the table the list of all possible combinations, sort on decrease of force.

Designations of cards: A - Ace, K - King, Q - Queen, J - Jack, T - ten.

Name of combination Descriprion Example
Royal Flush Five senior cards of one suit A-K-Q-J-T
Straight Flush 5 consecutive cards of one suit J-T-9-8-7
Four of a Kind Four cards of one rank 9-9-9-9-A
Full House Three cards of one rank and two of other 9-9-9-K-K
Flush All cards of one suit A-T-8-7-4
Straight 5 consecutive cards . J-T-9-8-7
Three of a Kind Three cards of one rank K-K-K-J-5
Two Pairs To cards of one rank and two cards of other rank 5-5-9-9-T
One Pair To cards of one rank K-K-9-8-6
High Card Single senior card K-J-9-8-2

Colours are considered equal on force. From two straights/straight-flush wins with the senior cards. Four of kind, the three, pair - wins a combination from the senior cards (at equality - the senior card from not entered in a combination). The Full-house - is won with a combination where three cards are more senior. Flush - the combination, where above the senior card (wins at equality of the senior card, the second on a seniority, etc.). Two pairs - the combination, where above the senior pair (wins at equality - the remained senior card). The pair - wins the senior pair (at equality - the senior card from remained).

If the collected combinations completely are identical, the bank shares between players fifty-fifty if to halve a chesspiece it is impossible, hardly the player sitting earlier after the dealer more receives.

Pay attention, that the Ace is considered the senior card, however it can be used for construction straight/straight-flush 5,4,3,2, A which is considered the most younger.


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