Omaha poker rules

Omaha poker rules are identical Texas Hold'em, but there are two essential differences:

  • Hand over at once on four cards in closed (pocket cards).
  • It is necessary to form a combination strictly of two cards and three general cards laying on a table in opened.

All rest in the same way, as in Texas Holdem.

Each player should make a combination: to choose the best 5 cards from nine, and 2 - from the closed hand and 3 - from a table.

There are following versions of Omaha poker:

Omaha High-Low - bank divide among themselves the strongest combination (High) and the weakest (Low). The hand which is not containing pairs and cards can be considered as combination Low is more senior 8, for example 8643A (the as is considered for unit!). Thus colours and straights have no importance. The best Low is A2345. This combination name also a wheel or a bicycle. One player can, using different cards to collect both a strong and weak combination and to take away bank. The player with the senior combination takes away bank if anybody does not have younger combination.

5 Cards Omaha - instead of four on hands hand over five cards. Naturally, opportunities of construction of combinations increase even more.

Omaha Hi - is more popular, though High-Low the version concedes to it only most a little.


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