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Poker tables and tournaments

In all pokers there are various kinds of game tables and tournaments. The game is more popular, the it is more probability, that after it tournaments will be spent and to be offered various kinds of tables.

Simple, not tournament game (Ring Game) usually is offered on tables with a maximum of players in 10, 6, 5 or 2 persons (tables 1 on 1 - Heads up). Any player can usually join game if places are not present it is possible to rise in turn and to wait. Limits in various poker rooms vary from $0,01 / $ 0,02 up to $100 / $ 200. All pokers take for the services a share from bets of players - rake. Usually share of room makes from 10 % on microlimits up to several percent, a maximum $3 on large tables (average rake - 5 %). Any player can usually sit down on any not taken place, however the some people rooms allow players to create own private tables and to not start up there strangers.

There are tournaments in one table (Sit’n’Go). Players receive the fixed quantity of chips and game is conducted yet there will be no only one. Through the certain time intervals blinds rise on a level above (for example, in tournament in 10 person players receive on 1000 chips and begin with a limit $10 / $ 20 which 10 delivery rise everyone). These tournaments also happen on various quantity of players. Such tournament begins, as soon as the necessary quantity of players will gather and makes an entrance fee (buy-in) which proceeds the player consists of two parts - going on a prize and going poker-room (for example on the average about an hour. For participation in tournament, $20 + $ 2). Prize-winning money share between winners. At tournament in 10 person the winner receives 50 % of the fund, the second place - 30 %, the third - 20 %.

In Multi-Table Tournaments thousand players can participate. More often, tournament tables are automatically balanced at leaving players, players transfer on other table, thus behind a table all time makes quantity of players 8-10. However there are the tournaments simulating real, where game is conducted before leaving all players behind one table then winners rise on a level above. Tournament begins during in advance planned time, and the players registered by this moment take part in it. The structure of a tournament payment is similar to tournaments in one table, sometimes during game to players allow to buy additional chips (re-buy and add-on). Division of prize-winning fund usually depends on quantity of participants, from same time of tournament so tournament from 1000 participants lasts about 4 hours depends also.

There is enough plenty of versions of tournaments (usually it is tournaments in some tables):

  1. Tournaments with the guaranteed prize-winning fund (Guaranteed) - irrespective of quantity of participants the sum of a prize is fixed,
  2. Tournaments without a rake of a casino - all of money go only to participants,
  3. Free-of-charge tournaments (Freeroll) - participation of the player absolutely free-of-charge, the prize-winning fund provides a casino. Tournaments are spent with the purpose of attraction of players, is frequent only for beginners or for those who has played the certain amount of delivery.
  4. Points Tournaments - during game on money players receive points (analogues comp-points in a casino) which can be used as a starting payment. As a whole, the scheme reminds freerolls.
  5. Satellites - tournaments-satellites when, having won cheap or even free-of-charge tournament, the player has an opportunity to play in more expensive tournament. Sometimes it is necessary to pass some satellites to reach the main prize. One of versions of satellites are tournaments in which as the main prize participation in large real poker tournament is offered. Thus to the player the tournament payment, travel, residing, etc. is paid.

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