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About casino bonuses

Bonuses in casino - is a great chance to win money. Let's review how to use it.

Types of casino bonuses:

  • Sign-up bonuses or welcome bonuses - this bonus given for first deposit. For example: casino offer 100% up to $200. You deposit $100 and recieve $100 additional, Your balance = $200.
  • Monthly bonuses - ypu can recieve bonuses every month
  • No-deposit bonuses.  Just register at casino and recieve bonus without making a deposit.

How to use casino bonuses

Casino bonuses different in all casinos, also different terms of bonus receiving. But how can it help us to win? It's very simple. To withdraw bonus amount you must do wager requirements. For example, If wager requirements is bonus *20, to withdraw $100 bonus you must wager 100*20=2000. You asked me - It's not small sum, how not loose this money? Read follow. All casino games have house edge. For example, House edge in Black Jack is 0,4% (if you use basic strategy for black jack). So, how much you loose when you wagering $2000 in black jack? Let's calculate: 2000*0.04%=8. You loose only $8. And how much you win? If you receive $100 bonus and wagered it on black jack you will loose $8, other sum ($92) it's your winnings!

I'll tech you how to take casino bonuses playing at black jack. For other games it's similar (house edge is different).

Casino bonus calculator help you to calculate your possible winnings. Download bonus calculator here: casino programs

In bonus calculator: WR - wager requirements. For example, if wager requirements is (Bonus+Deposit)*30 you must enter WR=30 and choose B and D. For wager requirements bonus*20 you must enter WR=20 and choose only "B", Bet - value of your single bet. Sticky - choose this option if your bonus can't be cashed out.

So, if you want to win, you must following next steps:

  1. Print basic black jack strategy. For example you can use this strategy: casino-on-net black jack strategy
  2. Choose online casino from list (see list of best BJ bonuses below).
  3. Read casino bonus terms.
  4. Enter values to casino bonus calculator - deposit amount, bonus amount, WR, house edge, bet and press "Start simulation". Average wins - it's you possible winnings!
  5. Deposit money to casino, receive bonus and play at black jack. When you complete wager requirements you can withdraw all money.
  6. Go to next casino!

Gold rule for all online casinos is: see terms and conditions before deposit funds!


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