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How to win at casinos

How to win in casino? How to earn cash?
It's not scam. It's my real experience. Step-by-step (tutorial).

This is my first big article in the Internet. We’ll speak about “How to win in casino”. Here I'll tell You How to earn money in online casinos (online gambling). I said to EARN, not to WIN. My earnings practice counts more than 2 years and approximately 1000 $ per month. Here I'll tell You basic principles, how to start. Don’t be lazy - read up to the article till end and try this yourself, you’ll be very surprised. What do I it for? It’s simple : after your sign-up I’ll gain profit for you, as a member of affiliate program of casino. As you see, I’m interested to help you – my success directly depends on yours.

I have divided the article into semantic parts, so you can easy study it. Let’s think you are a beginner in casino’s world, you’ve come here at first and wanna learn? How we shall earn? It’s simple-with bonuses. But bonuses must be used correctly.

Casinos with Best Winning Odds:
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1 Play at 21Nova 21 Nova Casino € $ 600 96.83 % Play Review
2 Play at Win Palace Win Palace € $ 3000 97.8 % Play Review
3 Play at Casino titan Casino Titan € $ 3000 98.6 % Play Review


Most of online casinos offer different bonuses. These are the most affected types :

  1. Non-deposit (free) bonuses. You just need to sign up and you don’t need to make various deposits to receive bonus. At first sight it’s pretty good, but usually this bonuses are too small, and it’s not enough profitable because of bad terms and conditions. By the way you can find the list of “free” bonuses here. I’ll not consider the non-deposit bonus type in my article
  2. Sticky bonuses. These bonuses cannot be withdrawed, they are used only for play. On attempting to withdraw money, the bonus amount is usually subtracted from your balance. These bonuses are also not attractive for us.
  3. Sign-up bonuses. Or "match bonuses" or "welcome bonuses". These are the most interesting ,tasty and profitable bonuses. Casino stimulates You to spend at first as more as possible. For example, you spend 100 $ and receive 100 $ (bonus ) .
  4. Monthly bonuses. These are also very interesting for us.

Well... We have cleared the basic types of bonuses. Let me remind that we are interested only in sign-up and monthly bonuses. But how to get the received bonus? To withdraw the received bonus it is necessary to make bets (rates) for the certain sum. The size of this sum depends on a casino, in which you are playing and it is usually pointed in terms and conditions. As an example of a bonus: 100% sign-up bonus up to $100. Wager requirements: 20x bonus. It means, if you will spend $100 you will get $100 free. But to withdraw these free 100 $,You should make bets for the sum 20*100 = 2000 $. They call it "Wager requirements".


What game to choose ? Usually I play two games : Black Jack and Video Poker. Black Jack is more stable, here are not present sharp splashes (if playing flat bets). Video-poker on the contrary, is more unpredictable , but other sides possesses a greater dispersion. The dispersion - is disorder of your bank during the game. If a dispersion is bigger for a short time interval your bank can change greatly.

BBlack Jack. For the beginning you should look through Black Jack rules. Rules are very simple, but in various casinos rules differ a little. We shall play single-player or multi-player black jack, is strict on strategy. To reduce disorder of the bank, we shall play constant rates (flat bets).

Optimal Black Jack strategy:

H - hit; S - stand;
D - double (if You can't double - hit)
Ds - double (if You can't double - stand);
P - split;
H/P - split If it is authorized to double after split, differently to buy;
H/R - Surrender if allowed, Otherwise hit

House Edge is only 0.43%.

If You want to play at Video Poker, please read rules of Online Video Poker.


Our basic rule: If you want to win at casino - You must use bonuses. A lot of casinos offer bonuses. But we are interested only in casinos with low wager requirements. Let's give up with theory and practice on Inetbet casino. Inetbet offers up to $150 USD bonus on 1st deposit. You better to deposit 300 USD to receive the 50% bonus and play 20*bonus wager to withdraw it.

So, let’s order the instructions:

  1. Go to Inetbet casino and register. Enter your true details.
  2. Download the casino terminal, install it on your pc, run and enter your login details.
  3. Make a deposit to casino (for example by credit card or Moneybookers). We recommend to deposit $300, then you have big chances to win money.
  4. Load Black Jack game and try to play, using the basic strategy. Also U can play in Video Poker (i like this game).
  5. Wager 20 times of bonus and withdraw money.

But in fact it is possible to lose, you ask? You see, indeed, It is possible, but the percent of loose is very small. Let's count. House Edge of casino is 0.43%. For $150 bonus You must wager 3000. You will lose 3000*0.0043 = 12,9. And You won 150-12,9=137,1. But it's theory. A deviation can be both in greater and in the smaller party. Remember - the smaller bet, the more your result will come nearer to theoretical. For all history I’ve never lost for the initial deposit. But In video poker you can win Flush Royal ;)

Part 4. WHAT NOW?

As you see, on the example of “LuckyAce” casino I have described how to win.. Search casinos with low wager requirements. Usually I play in casinos with wager requirements not more than 50 x bonus.

More casinos and bonus info you can find here: casino sign-up bonuses. And monthly bonuses.

A few advices:

  1. Read terms and rules before spending your money
  2. Always use the strategy if You are not a professional player.
  3. Your sign-up data must be true. In seldom cases casino has right to ask for you documents (passport or Drive ID) Though if you have entered false data, you risk not to get your money back.
  4. Don't stop playing if you have lost in one casino. With every game your results will be better, and soon you can reach the theoretical results.
  5. Don't hesitate to contact casino support. If You have any questions or problems, write tickets after tickets until your problem is solved or everything’s clear. Don’t be afraid to annoy them, it’s their job to help you.

P.S. If You have any questions about this article, bonuses, or something else, just contact me: webmaster[at]mycasinoreviews.net. I hope this free tutorial How to win in casino will help you earn money in the internet. If You are forum Russia, please visit our russian version How win at casino guide.



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+1 #3 Jamie 2013-07-09 05:31
Great point emphasising the difference between earning and winning from casinos. Also, thank you for mentioning low wager requirements. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Knowing me, I might probably play on any website as long as it’s legitimate. After reading your article, now I must remember that you’re right about looking for low wager requirements. I’ll try to follow all your tips and hopefully they help me earn from bettings, too. Btw, may I ask where you usually get free betting offers? I visit http://au.freebets.com for this kind of information, but I’m open to checking other sites, too.
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hi i am interested to find out how to play online game to earn extra income
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This is a good site for beginners. Training before you start playing for real money, testing systems, How to win in the casino and start earning money.

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