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Texas Holdem poker rules

Texas Holdem poker rules (or Texas Hold'em poker rules).

The dealer shuffles a 52-card deck. To each player is dealt two cards, face down. Then in the center of a table dealt five cards, face up. Each player can use this 5 cards for formation of the best five-card combination. Bank is taken away by the player having the best five-card combination. 5 cards is dealt in three stages - three cards, then one more, then last card. Before each stage the circle of trade is spent. At first two stages of trade - preflop and flop players make small bets (SB), on the subsequent - turn and river - big bets (BB), which twice more small. The size of the bet (the minimal bet) is defined by a limit of a table (Table Limit, for example, $1 / $ 2).


The player sitting right after of the dealer before dealt of cards is obliged to stake blindly, equal to half of small bet. The second player also is blindly obliged to stake, equal to the small bet. These players, and also their bets refer to, accordingly, small and big blind (Small Blind - SB, Big Blind - BB, do not confuse an abbreviation to the small and big bet!). After that to each player surrenders on two cards named Pocket Cards and the first round of trade - preflop begins.  All players by turns, since the third player, should make a decision and answer on the bet (call, the player adequating the bet of blind named limper) to lift the rate (raise) or to reset cards (fold). If the bet has been lifted, the subsequent players should answer already the lifted bet.


Upon the end of preflop on a Board three cards opens. After that, since the first player (small blind), there is a round of trade. Step of trade is the small bet, a maximum quantity of bets - four.


On a board the fourth card opens, and the fourth round of trade follows, players make big bets.


On a board last card opens and there is last round of trade also under big bets and up to four bets (to the some people poker-rooms if on river remains two players they can mak} unlimited number of bets). After end of trade players are opened (Showdown). The player with the best combination wins.


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