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Online Poker - Specificity of game in Internet

About advantages of game on the Internet before alive game we shall not extend, and we shall look, what advantages/lacks, what Specificity of game in Internet.

Unlike real poker, game sessions in online usually are much shorter, players behind a table very often vary, the rare player plays more than 1-2 hours. As a result, players have not time to understand with style of game of the opponent, for short time it is complex to earn to itself reputation. Not clearly, raise on flop has been made by the maniac and it is possible to re-raise or, on the contrary, tighter, and it is better to Fold. The same concerns also to reaction to your actions. By default from the new player he is expected, that adequate, but many will want to check up yours raise so to bluff follows cautiously.

One more difference from real - that fact, that nobody sees the opponents, and chesspieces real is not present. It is not necessary to players cares of preservation « poker person », it is not necessary to worry, that a sight or hands will give out your bluff. To move on a table a pack of chesspieces happens morally more difficultly, than to press the button. As a result it leads to more tricky game in online. Players bluff is more often, more to slowplay, check-raising, etc.

At last, players at game in online distract is more often. Someone in parallel watches TV, speak by phone or reads mail. Someone plays on two-three tables simultaneously. All this conducts to that the minimum of attention is given game. Players often look at a table, only when are in game. It is clear, that not the best practice, the more to time is given game, the is better you learn{find out} opponents, that above your chances of success.

Specificity of game in Internet above allows to give following recommendations:

  • Try to remove distracting factors and to find all time for game, as soon as possible "to get to the core" of the opponents.
  • Do not hope for your image, it simply has not time to develop. Do not hope, that you bluff raise will pass only because before you played hour "tight".
  • Not especially take a great interest poker tricks. In online the opponent plays the first turn by virtue of the cards, not strongly reflecting on your card so it is completely not obligatory slowplay will bring to you additional benefit, and the bluff passes not often.

At last, use at game of a computer gives players additional opportunities. It is not obligatory to remember preflop-strategy, it is possible to print or start the program. It is possible to not count misses and chances independently is will make a computer. Even to watch opponents not so important, in fact the program can collect and show statistics on them.


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