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Roulette strategy - System of threefold repetition

We do 55 spins for free. Upon termination of 55 spins we start to put on numbers which have dropped out three times (we put flat bet). Session comes to an end, if:

  • The sum of bets exceeds 70 units,
  • It is made already 55 spins with bets,
  • One of numbers on which you put has dropped out.

Upon termination of game session it is possible to begin following.

Also offered following updating system:

Again we wait for loss of three repeating numbers, but this time we do not take in attention repetitions between which was more than 11 spins. That is the number should drop out three times no more than for 25 spins (for example, the number if it has repeated second time through 10 spins and third time still through 8 spins it that is necessary for us has dropped out and if it has repeated first time through 8 spins, and second time - through 13 such sequence it is not played not so). As soon as the number has dropped out three times, under condition of distance between repetitions no more than 11 spins, we start to put. We put during 9 spins on a repeating number. If during these spins the bet has played, we continue to put 9 spins more. New session can be begun at once upon termination of previous.

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