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Whittacker roulette strategy

The progression 1-2-3-5-8-13-21 is used (Each following number in a progression is equaled to the sum of the previous two numbers). The prize of one bet compensates two previous losses. At loss of the bet transition to the following bet on a progression. At a prize of the bet transition to back on a progression through one bet (at a prize of the bet 21 - the following bet is 8, at a prize of the bet 13 - the following bet is 5). Bets on the given progression are made before reception of positive balance.

Whittacker roulette strategy example:

Your bet: Roulette color: Result: Balance
1 on black Red -1 99
2 on black Red -2 97
3 on black Red -3 94
5 on black Red -5 89
8 on black Red -8 81
13 on black Black +13 94
5 on black Black +5 99
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