Roulette strategy - Relaxed Roulette

Feature of the given system that unlike other systems it limits size of your prize, instead of loss! It allows you to come to a casino, to win in advance established sum and to leave happy. =)

How to bet

So, we put always on two dozens simultaneously. We put on those dozens which have dropped out for last two back if one dozen we do not put has twice dropped out, we wait for loss of two different (if between two dozens was a zero, it too is not considered, we put only when has dropped out successively two different dozens). Besides if one dozen has dropped out more than three times successively it is possible to put on two other dozens.

If your first bet has not won, we continue to put on the same dozens. If also second time the rate has not played, we put on the same dozens in third and last time.

If one of your bets has played, we start to put all over again (on two last dropped out different dozens, single backs to do it is not necessary). We play until we shall reach the established limit of a prize (about it below), having reached a limit, we leave a casino and we continue game only next day.


Before staking, we write down figure 1. We put on unit on each dozen.

If you have won the first bet it is led round this 1 as your prize is as a result equal to unit. If you have lost, on the right and at the left to first unit is attributed on one (1 1 1). The following bet is equal to the sum of extreme numbers our line, that is 1+1=2, that is we put on two units on each dozen.

If have won the second bet it is crossed out extreme figures - has remained not led round "1" which shows us size of the bet. If have lost, it is attributed on edges on the two (2 1 1 1 2), and the following bet 2+2=4 units on each dozen.

And we continue to play, crossing out extreme figures in case of a prize, adding figures in case of loss, and doing the bet equal to the sum extreme not crossed, thus we can have bets on various pairs dozens (according to rules of rates). As soon as have led round last unit in the center, pass to a line below and begin the account all over again.

Even if to you did not carry also you have lost, it is possible to leave a casino, to return next day and to continue to do bets from that place where have interrupted.

Management of money

It is recommended to have the capital in 50 units and to establish day time norm of a prize in 5 units. In 10 days you will win in addition 50 units, and still through 10 - 100 units.

If you wish to strain at game as small as possible it is better to establish a limit of a prize still below - in 2-3 units.

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