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Roulette strategy - Epocal Storm system

As is known to players, the probability of loss of any number in a roulette is equal 1/37. The law of two thirds speaks us, that in a full cycle from 37 spins only 24 numbers one or more time on the average will drop out, and 13 numbers will not drop out at all.

Each game - the unique finished game, do not use the same table for several games simultaneously.

For each game it is required 30 soins before staking and 5-9 more spins (at worst) - to win.

Gathering of the information

It is required to us 30 spins. Upon termination of gathering the information in most cases we shall receive a following picture:

  • 16 or 17 numbers did not drop out,
  • 13 or 14 numbers have dropped out once,
  • 5-6 numbers have dropped out two times,
  • 2 or 3 numbers have dropped out more than two times.

Numbers which exactly two times have dropped out be required to us. In the further, we shall put on them by following rules.


The amount of spins with bets is considered as follows: 36/n, where n - amount of the numbers found by us who have dropped out of 2 times. For example, if we have defined 4 numbers game is necessary for stopping if the prize was not during 9 spins. For five numbers - 8 spins, for six - 6, etc.

If has dropped out less than 4 or more 8 required numbers bets are not done, it is necessary to do again sample from 30 spins.


Let's take sample from 30 spins:

You can see, that 18 numbers have not dropped out, 11 numbers have dropped out once, 6 numbers have dropped out two times, and on one number - 3 and more times.

In this case we have good distribution and we put on the numbers, dropped out two times (3,5,6,17,20,24) as much as possible six times.

The second attack

In most cases you will win up to the end « zones of attack » (those demanded n spins). In this case, you can continue to put on remained numbers, remember only, that it is unessential! The table below shows, how many spins you continue to put at use of the second attack (including from 31 back!):

Amount of numbers Spins
(First attack)
(Second attack)
less than 4 Don't bet -
4 9 Don't bet
5 7 9
6 6 7
7 6 6
8 5 6
More than 8 Don't bet -


Do not obey your instincts - use system!

Always use one system within day, do not pass from system to system. If you have lost for two or three games successively - do not change system. Never change size of bets - use identical bets within day.

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