Roulette strategy - Karsh system

If to look at the order of loss of numbers in a roulette it is possible to notice, that frequently following number of the same color and same senior/younger, as well as previous.

31 2 33

On the given example we see, that first three numbers - one color. Fourth number (27) - other color, rather than previous, but thus it also the senior, as well as 33. Sense of system in connecting following number with previous depending on color and sizes (senior/younger).

How to do bets

It's simple - we done one bet on the senior/younger and 10 bets on numbers: nine numbers and a zero. On what nine numbers to put? We put on nine numbers of the same color and an opposite seniority, as previous dropped out number! The bet on chances is done at a rate of 20 bets on senior if was senior, and younger if was younger.

If previous number was 33 we do bets on black younger numbers (2,4,6,8,10,11,13,15,17), plus of a zero, plus the twentyfold bet on senior (if on numbers put on $1 on senior it is necessary to put $20).

In system it is possible to use Martingale.

What to do in case of loss

There are three variants:

  • Use the same system, only change color of bets for numbers on opposite dropped out looser number. That is, if you put on senior and nine bets on red younger, and has dropped out, for example 6 (younger black) the following external bet it is done younger, and nine bets - on red seniors (change color on opposite)
  • Change base system on opposite, that is at loss 6 put the external bet on senior, and nine - on younger red.
  • Additional updating of system. If has dropped out, for example, senior black to put on younger black, a zero and seniors, but on senior not 20 bets, but only 10!


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