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Roulette strategy - Buffster winning strategy

We'll use identical bets (flat betting). As soon as the profit is received - we begin with the beginning.
We look at last result and it is thrown out last dropped out dozen, at us remains 2 dozen (4 sixline, 8 street). We do bets, closing chosen two dozens, before reception of profit or 35 spins.

We put as follows:

  • Unit on sixline - during 5 spins,
  • Unit on street - during 6 spins,
  • Unit on pairs (on three pairs between two next streets) - during 6 spins,
  • Unit on each of numbers - during 18 spins.

For example, if first time has dropped out 30 (third dozen) all over again we put on the first 4 sixline, then on the first 8 streets, etc. Is stopped at achievement of profit or 35 spins then it is possible to begin all over again.

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