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Caribbean Poker strategy

The element of strategy in Caribbean Poker is minimal, the unique game decision which the player can accept - to continue game (Call) or to reset cards (Fold). However and this decision it is necessary to accept with mind. Here that experts recommend:

  1. Play, if at you any pair or above;
  2. Fold if you have less than as a/king;
  3. If you have Ace/King then you must play in following cases:
    • The dealer have card from 2 up to Queen and at you is same,
    • The dealer have Ace or King and at you is Queen or Jack,
    • The card of the dealer mismatches yours, you have a Queen, and your fourth card above a card of the dealer.

This strategy also allows to get advantage of a casino of only" 5,225 %.

Actually, the player can make one more decision in the Caribbean poker: whether to do the additional bet on Jackpot. Here all depends on size of jackpot and from the table of payments. So, for the table resulted in Caribbean poker rules, it is meaningful to do the bet (that is return a prize exceeds 100 %) at size of jackpot more than $220.000.


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