Caribbean Poker rules

In modern online casinos Caribbean Poker is one of the most widespread games, other name - the Oasis-poker.

Game is conducted between the player and the dealer. The task of the player - to collect as it is possible the best combination of cards. The player can do bets on one or several next fields designated on a table boxes, but no more than three. The bet on each boxing should not exceed the maximal bet of a table and there should not be less a minimal bet of a table.

In the beginning the player should stake «Ante». The dealer distributes on five cards on each boxing on which the bet and five cards to itself is made. Cards are distributed on one in closed, last card of the dealer is opened.

After delivery the player estimates the cards from the point of view of presence poker combination and makes a decision: to continue game (Call) or not (Fold). In default the player loses the bet «Ante». At continuation of game it is necessary to grant the sum at a rate of two "Ante" on a field «Bet» (in online casino it is made automatically after pressing button " Call ").

After the player has stopped to make operations with cards in all boxes, the dealer opens the cards. If the dealer does not have any of the combinations specified in the table or a combination "Ace - King" (there is no game), the player receives a prize at a rate of only "Ante", irrespective of what combination at the player. When the dealer has a combination of cards (there is a game), his combination is compared to a combination of the player and whose combination above, that has won. If the player the prize at a rate of 1:1 under the rate «Ante» is paid to him, under the rate «Bet» depending on a combination (see the table).

Name of combination Description Win on rate «Bet» Jackpot bet
Royal Flush Five senior cards under the order of one colour 100:1 100% Jackpot
Straight Flush Five cards under the order of one colour 50:1 10% Jackpot
Four of a Kind Four cards of one kind (one rank) 20:1 $500
Full House Three cards of one rank plus two cards of other rank 7:1 $100
Flush Five cards of one colour 5:1 $50
Straight Five consecutive cards. The Ace can be the most younger. 4:1 -
Three of a Kind Three cards of one rank 3:1 -
Two Pairs Two cards of one rank plus two cards of other rank 2:1 -
One Pair Two cards of one rank 1:1 -
Ace & King Ace & King of any colours 1:1 -

Except for the standard bet, you can make the additional bet giving chance to win Jackpot. The bet in $1 is made in a special crack above a field «Ante», you will win, only in case of loss of one of high combinations (see the table).

At equality of combinations:

  • Ace-King - on a seniority of the third card if the third are equal - to the fourth, etc.
  • Pair - on a seniority of the third card if the third are equal - to the fourth, etc.
  • Two pairs - on the senior pair if both pairs are equal - on the fifth card.
  • Straight - on the senior card.
  • Flush - on the senior card.

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