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Online Video Poker rules

Video poker is a combination of the slot-machine (named the one-armed gangster) and popular gambling poker. But unlike traditional poker where it is necessary to collect a combination above, than at opponents, in video poker the player receives in advance specified prize for the received combination. All combinations for which the prize is paid, are in the table. As the player usually is authorized to do the rate at a rate of from 1 up to 5 coins in the prize-list all values settle down in five columns, corresponding the size of the rate.

The purpose of game is reception of the most advantageous combination. The player does the rate and receives five cards. To strengthen a combination, the player is authorized to throw off once any of these cards (or to leave all as is) and to receive instead of the dumped cards new. After that the machine automatically defines the received combination and pays a prize.
The most favourable prizes are paid at the maximal size of the rate (5 coins).

Basic Video Poker combinations

To cards of one rank
A A 2 3 J
Two pairs
To cards of one rank and two cards of other rank
K K 2 J J
Three of Kind
Three cards of one rank
Q Q Q 3 K
5 consecutive cards
3 4 5 6 7
All cards of one suit
A Q 2 3 5
Full House
Three cards of one rank and of other
A A 2 2 2
Four of Kind
Four cards of one rank
5 5 5 5 Q
Straight Flush
5 consecutive cards of one suit
4 5 6 7 8
Royal Flush
Five senior cards of one suit

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