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Pros and cons of real money poker

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Thursday, 07 October 2010 12:34

Pros and cons of real money poker Everybody who had ever thought of playing poker had probably tried to answer the question, which comes to every player sooner or later: why play real money poker? Although this question may look simple, there is hardly a player who can answer it certainly and without any doubt. Indeed, there are certain dangers that may become serious impediments on your steady way to success. I've stumbled over several mistakes and came across a couple of fears when starting my real money poker career – that's why I've tried to collect all valid pros and cons of real money poker allowing you to debate all matters in your mind and decide whether you are ready to play real money poker or not.


Online poker

Articles - Poker articles
Thursday, 07 October 2010 12:33

online pokerThere is one major game which has been played for almost 200 years and its name is Poker. This card game has always provided not only money and success for its players but also celebrity and happiness, as it over time has gained a reputation over many countries and attracted more and more gamblers. Due to its enormous popularity, someone came with the idea of launching a poker game on the internet, and the virtual world has welcomed it since. Online poker soon boomed into many variations. Dutch Boyd was the first to found a company for the game played virtually, he himself was a famous and lucky player and called his firm Poker Spot. This was the first online poker room set in September 2000, which later triggered a tough competition among online poker operators and poker players. Online poker exploded in 2004, as a year earlier many information on poker flooded the web.


Common card games

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Thursday, 07 October 2010 12:32

card gamesThe range of card games casinos offer is pretty wide. Among the most popular ones we must mention poker with its many variations, baccarat and blackjack. The several poker variants you can find in any casino guarantee the endless fun you can have while enjoying your hobby. From all variants, Texas Hold’em poker is the most widely dealt. The main reason for this is that it is quite simple to play. Each player is dealt two cards and meanwhile, all the players share five common cards. The object of the game is to stay in the pot until the game ends and to combine your cards with the community cards so that you achieve the best 5 card hand. Omaha hold’em resembles Texas hold’em a lot. The difference is that here the players are dealt four cards each and share five cards. It is usually played 8 or better or high/low and the pot is therefore split between the highest and the lowest hand.