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How to deposit by Check

To deposit money in your account using bank draft or check you need to contact your local bank and ask for a bank draft or sign a personal check in the currency used in the casino software where you intend to play. Check cashing is a simple procedure - just contact your favorite bank in your city and ask for check cashing. Or you can use online servises.

Let's consider how to make a deposit by check on the example ECash Direct payment software (ECash Direct uses in Cryptologic Casinos). This is a two-step transaction:
Step 1 involves completing the online deposit form within the ECash Direct system; and, Step 2 involves delivering a check to ECash Direct.

Step 1. You need to specify information that you can obtain directly from your check:
1. Name on check
2. Amount of deposit in US Dollars
3. Check number (top right hand corner of the check)
4. Account number (lower line of the check)

To ensure the fastest possible service, the information on your check must match the information keyed onto the online deposit form exactly.

Step 2. Once you have filled out the online form, you must mail your check to ECash Direct Address. Make sure you include your account number on the front of your check as a reference.

Withdrawing by check

In others payment software depositing by bank check is look like ECash Direct.

In Cryptologic casinos and some others You can't withdraw by credit card more then deposit amount. Then you needed to use other method for withdraw your winnings, for example bank check. To withdraw money from your casino account just enter the cashier, enter amount in US Dollars/Euro/Pounds and order check. Check will be mailed on the address specified in Your casino account. Bank draft or checks also uses in Playtech casinos, Boss media casinos. In some casinos You can only withdraw funds by check, for example in Real Time Gaming casinos and Microgaming casinos.
You can make cheque cashing in any bank of your city. There are many companies in Internet can make check cashing.

Casinos accepted Bank Draft

Some online casinos give additional bonus when you deposit money uses check or bank draft.

Name % from deposit Max
Europa casino 100% 100 $ € Read review
Intercasino 100% 250 $ € £ Read review
VIP casino 50% 180 $ B x 40 Read review

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