Pai-gow poker rules

Pai-Gow Poker represents a combination of poker and ancient Chinese game Pai-Gow. Use following Pai-Gow poker rules. The player receives seven cards which it divides on two hands - senior and younger: on the big hand (High) - five cards, on small (Low) - two cards. The purpose of game - to win against the dealer, having collected on both hands advantageous poker combinations.

  • First stake in the center of a game table (on field Bet). For the beginning games press button " Deal ".
  • You receive seven cards{maps}. Leave "High" hand five cards and choose two cards for transfer on "Low" hand. The combination on the "High" hand (from five cards) should surpass always the "Low" hand (from two cards). When you distribute cards, press button " Done ".
  • The croupier opens the cards. If both hands of the croupier beat yours, you lose. If one of your hands beats a hand of the croupier, and the second concedes, the drawn game appears, and to you your bet comes back. If both your hands beat hands of the croupier, you win 1 to 1 minus 5 % of bank commission fee. Comparison of hands is made under the table usual poker combinations, the drawn game on one of hands is treated in favour of the dealer.

Some casinos suggest to distribute automatically cards between hands, using those rules of which the dealer would take advantage. For this purpose it is necessary to press the button « House Way ».

Keep in mind, that the joker in Pai-Gow poker usually is considered an Ace and can be any card only for drawing up of such combinations as Flush or Straight.


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