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Help for Boss Media casino games

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boss mediaBelow you can find some tips, hints, rules and strategies for various Boss Media casino games.


In Baccart uses six decks. On the banker the house edge is 1.06% while it’s 1.24% on the player and a tie gives an edge of 14.44%.
Use next rules in Blackjack:
  • Uses six decks of cards
  • On soft seventeen the dealer has to stand
  • On any of his first two cards the player can double
  • Following a split the player can double
  • Resplitting is not allowed by a player
  • For split aces only one card
  • According to United States rules, for blackjack dealer always peeks
There is a table displaying the right fundamental strategy to be applied by using these rules. Thanks Wizzards Of Odds.

H - hit; S - stand; D -Double if allowed, otherwise hit; Ds - Double if allowed, otherwise stand; P - split.

Caribbean Poker
The house edge under the standard rules is 5.22%. The house has an edge on the side bet which is 63.76% minus 2.92% for each of the meter’s ten thousand dollars.
Boss Media Caribbean Poker Side Bet
Hand Pays
Royal flush 100% of meter
Straight flush 10% of meter
Four of a kind $500
Full house $100
Flush $50
Casino War
You have six decks of cards. This game is played according to the bonus rule whereby after a tie the ante as well as the raise win if there is a tie. Going to war on ties is the right strategic plan to take up. In this game there is a 2.68 percent house edge.
On all point the grant two times odds. On the pass line and on the odds there is a 0.606 percent joint house edge. Boss media programmers worked on a rule not all companies succeed in doing and that the don’t odds are relatively correct to the sum the player is able to win. Furthermore, 0.455 percent represents the joint house advantage on the laying and don’t pass odds.
The buy and lay wagers incur the five percent commission fee solely on successful wagers and consistently based on the winning sum. Proposition and place to win wagers are provided under the regular rulings. On both two and a twelve, the field bet pays out a two to one payment. The house edge on several of the special Boss Media wagers is as follows:
  • 3.33 percent on buy bets on a four and ten
  • 3.00 percent on buy bets on five and nine
  • 2.73 percent on buy bets on six and eight
  • 1.67 percent on lay bets on four and ten
  • 2.00 percent on lay bets on five and nine
  • 2.07 percent on lay bets on six and eight
When you lay the odds following a don’t pass or don’t come wagers, to be in small six dollar sums, ten cents is the shortchange on winnings. As long as it can be divided by six dollars it seems to be a fact unconnected to the wager sum.
Pai Gow Poker
The banker alternates between the dealer and players and the dealer banks at alternative hands. Assuming that a player doesn’t wish to be bank or the banker’s seat is vacant then the dealer becomes the banker again. Around the table five player positions are located. This means every ten hands the player’s chance to bank occurs. 2.85 percent is the house edge when not banking, and it’s a 0.08 percent house edge in its capacity as banker. The house edge as banker diminishes as the number of players increase. 2.57 percent is the average of the house edge in a game which is one to one.
A 2.70 percent house edge is incurred on every wager using a single zero wheel.
Sic Bo
Variations in payouts indicate that good and mediocre payoffs differ in contrast to other software brands. The six to one payout on a two number combination is worth noting, this results in a 2.78 percent house edge which is a substantial improvement on the 16.67 percent house edge with the regular five to one payoff. You can view payoff tables for perusing payoffs for all wagers and house edge.
On any small, large and two number combinations, the lowest house edge wagers are at a 2.78 percent edge.

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