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Help for playtech casino games

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playtechBelow you can find some tips, hints, rules and strategies for various playtech casino games.


In this game uses standard rules.
When playing blackjack the following rules are applied:
Six decks of cards are used
On soft seventeen the dealer stands
On any first two cards the player is permitted to double
After splitting the player is permitted to double
The player is entitled to split only once
If the dealer obtains a blackjack a combination of United States and European rules determine what should occur.
The following describes by situation if the dealer obtains a blackjack.
  • If the dealer holds ace up, player splits and or doubles: total bet loss
  • If the dealer holds ten up, player splits: total bet loss
  • If the dealer holds ten up, player doubles: primary bet loss solely
  • If the dealer holds ten up, player doubles and splits: extra wagers from splitting is a loss, however, can return double.
Not permitted to surrender
0.52 percent is the house edge in keeping to these rules.

H = Hit | S = Stand | P = Split | D = Double if allowed; else: hit | Ds = Double if allowed; else: stand
Insurance is not recommended when playing basic strategy.

Blackjack Switch
0.05 percent solely is the house edge in this game. At the section Blackjack Switch you can obtain fuller information.
Caribbean Poker
This game stands at a house edge of 5.22 percent using standard rulings and pay table.
Casino War
Six decks are used in this game and the appropriate rules are adhered to. In opposition to surrender the player has to constantly make war. 2.88 percent is the house edge in this game.
On the pass and come wagers the player is entitled to take three times odds. On the don’t pass and don’t come bets the multiple allowed is three times and in proportion to the betting sum, not the player’s winning amount. 0.47 percent on the pass and come is the combined house edge, on the don’t pass and don’t come the edge is 0.46 percent. Although lay and buy wagers are permitted a five percent winning fee commission is charged. You can follow on the chart the house edge on the buy and lay wagers.
Study the chart to view the anticipated return and frequency by the amount of picks in the keno game. And note that 92.75 percent is the house edge at the best return, which is the pick eight.
Let Them Ride
Let it Ride is the identical game to this one Let them Ride. The game adheres to the standard rules. The Lady Luck in downtown Las Vegas serves as the model in this case and the side bet adheres to the identical pay table. 13.77 percent is the lowest house edge of all the pay tables for the side bet in the game Let it Ride.
Pai Gow Poker
This game results in a house edge of 2.85 percent where the banker is always the dealer. A house way button is used by the player and the hand scores at once, but not permitting the player the possibility to reject the house way or accept it.
Poker Three
Three Card Poker is identical to this game Playing Poker Three. This is game is played by adhering to the full pay rules. Of all the software brands, Playtech is the sole one to hold to a munificent pay table which is also quite innovative. 2.32 percent is the house edge on the Pairplus wager while on the Ante wager the edge is 3.37 percent.
2.70 percent is the house edge for all wagers while the wheel is single zero.
Sic Bo
The payoffs made by Sic Bo are superior in comparison to some and to others are inferior. For comparing with other software brands browse the Sic Bo section on the web. It’s worth noting however, that the single number wager payoff is on a three of a kind, twelve to one; and in comparison to the regular three to one is obviously an improvement. View the chart for all bets, house edge and payoffs. Note too that 2.78 percent is the lowest house edge equally on large and small wagers.
Video Poker
Video Poker games offered by Playtech present you with a number of different options for your choice. A large number is provided for a four play in one play. Another feature provided is a double up and half double up. Up to one thousand dollars the player is allowed to continue redoubling bets. For earning a bonus, doubling is considered necessary play. View the chart for anticipated game returns on the assumption the player applies maximum strategic planning.

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