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Help for Cryptologic casino games

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Below you can find some tips, hints, rules and strategies for various Cryptologic casino games.


Cryptologic cashback:

Game Cash back
Baccarat 0.1%
Blackjack 0.1%
Caribbean Poker 0.2%
Craps 0.2%
Paigow Poker 0.1%
Red Dog 0.2%
Roulette 0.3%
Slots 0.3%
Video Keno 0.2%
Video Poker 0.1%
Video Slots 0.3%
Let It Ride Poker 0.1%
Eight decks of cards were use in the Version three baccarat. It seems that this is the same in Version four but it has not yet been verified. On the assumption that eight packs are indeed used then 1.06 percent is the house edge on the banker wager, while 1.24 percent is the edge on the player bet and 14.36 percent is the house edge on the tie bet.
Cryptologic’s rules for blackjack are identical to those standard ones set by Atlantic City apart from the fact that it is not permitted to split after having already split. The following encapsulates the rules in a nutshell:
  • You use eight decks of cards
  • On soft seventeen the dealer must stand
  • On any first two dealt cards the player can double
  • After splitting the player is allowed to double
  • You are allowed to split only once
  • Surrender is not allowed
  • Hole cards for blackjack are checked by the dealer
There is a table displaying the right fundamental strategy to be applied by using these rules.

H - hit; S - stand; D -Double; P - split.

Single Deck Blackjack
  • Use one deck only
  • On soft seventeen the dealer hits
  • On any of the first two dealt cards the player is permitted to double
  • After splitting the player is permitted to double
  • Splitting may be performed by the player only once
  • You are not allowed to surrender
  • A hole card for blackjack is checked by the dealer
0.07 percent is the house edge for the above rules.
Progressive Blackjack
Apart from a progressive blackjack wager, the rules for progressive blackjack are identical to those of the regular blackjack. The number of successive aces the player accumulates indicates the side bet payments. An orderly arrangement is paramount unlike the majority of side wagers.
Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack
Event Permutations Probability Pays Return
4 colored aces 87360 0.00000296 53462 0.158222
3 suited aces 537600 0.00001821 2500 0.045531
4 uncolored aces 754176 0.00002555 1500 0.038324
3 non-suited aces 10911744 0.00036966 250 0.092415
2 suited aces 35524608 0.00120348 100 0.120348
2 non-suited aces 121798656 0.0041262 25 0.103155
1 ace 2101026816 0.07117702 0 0
no aces 27247691520 0.92307692 0 0
Total 29518332480 1 0 0.557995
Craps games offered by Cryptologics provide rules that are almost identical to land-based casinos. Standard rules decide how all place and proposition wagers are paid. You cannot get lay and buy bets. Up to twice any line bet on the odds is permissible to bet. Double odds are constantly set relatively to the wagers put down. And this is different from the standard rules where putting odds following a don’t pass or don’t come bet depends on the winnings amount earned by the player. Lastly, make sure you place bets in right amounts as the winning bets are rounded off to the nearest dollar. For preventing the round off, you can place bets with additional dollars in addition to the double odds wagers required for the purpose of exactly divisible by the dollar winnings. However, if you are about to get rounded down a special innovative feature - an alert pop up box warns you.
Caribbean Poker
Known also as Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Poker deviates slightly from the standard rulings. A royal flush is the deviation, paying two hundred to one instead of one hundred to one. The house edge drops from 5.22 percent to 5.21 percent when you apply maximal strategic planning. The progressive side bet is an innovation of version four. Fifty dollar per flush the side bet pays, one hundred dollars per full house and five hundred dollars per four of a kind. For straight and royal flushes you get respectively the regular ten percent and hundred percent of the meter. You need a meter reaching $218,047.37 to break even on the side bet.
Between seventy one percent and seventy five percent are the payoffs for Cryptologic Keno, and these are approximately just as bountiful as any land-based casino. Expected returns by chosen spots can be checked on the chart.
Let it Ride
The standard rules for Let it Ride are also applied by Cryptologic. However, Cryptologic introduces a one dollar side bet in contrast to Atlantic City. The side bet edge is 22.61 percent while the house’s edge is 3.51 percent.
Pai Gow Poker
Standard rules for playing pai gow poker is also applied by Cryptologic. Here the dealer constantly acts as the banker providing a 2.86 percent edge to the house, on the assumption that both the dealer and player keep to the standard method of the house. Although it’s said that Cryptologic applies standard rules set by Atlantic City, it’s been said that Claridge applies a different house way than that which Trump Plaza applies.
Red Dog
3.16 percent is the house edge with Cryptologic’s Red Dog game. It is played with one deck of cards and the rules are standard.
Three versions are available:
Playing American Roulette: In this version two zeros are available. If the ball lands in a double zero or zero you receive back of your even money wager. 2.63 percent is the house edge on even money wagers and on all other bets the house edge is 5.26 percent.
Playing European Roulette : In this version one zero is available. On all bets 2.70 percent is the house edge.
Playing European VIP Roulette : In this version one zero is available. If the ball falls in zero then you get back half of your even money wagers. On even money wagers 1.35 percent is the house edge while on all other bets 2.70 percent is the house edge.
Sands of the Caribbean and Inter Casino are two casinos which provide a listing of real returns for all their online games. 93.17 percent was the average monthly return during one year from September 2000 to August 2001 at the Sands of the Caribbean. At the Inter Casino, 95.65 percent was the average monthly return during the months beginning January 2001 and ending July 2001.
Two versions of solitaire are available. In the version Draw One, the player runs through the tableau only one time while drawing single cards at a time. In the Draw Three version, the player runs through the tableau three times while being allowed to draw three cards at one time.
The total wager runs from 1.04 dollars to fifty two dollars and the participant is allowed to place wagers from two cents up to one dollar on each card. For each card which is moved by the player to the foundations, the player receives in return for each card five times the wager. Thus to make the game profitable he or she would be required to take away a minimum of eleven cards. The house advantage is not currently known but the information would be most welcome.
Video Poker
Look at the table for the available video poker games issued by Cryptologic and on the assumption you’re using a fire-proof strategic plan check out the anticipated returns.
Game Return
Double Bonus 99.11%
Jacks or better 98.25%
All American 98.11%
Deuces wild 97.97%
Tens or better 97.96%
Joker poker 97.95%
Super Jackpot Progressive

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